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It may surprise you what your toothbrush might leave behind!
A good cleaning in our office can help you get rid of that eslip laque!

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Decay Equation
Bacteria + Sugar + Passage Of Time = A slimy layer of germs called plaque grows on teeth. Dental Decay occurs when teeth are not cleaned effectively.

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Paige Earl! is graduating from Payson high school. She is Michelle (hygienist) and Scott Earl’s daughter. Paige is planning on going to BYU-I in the fall.

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Brandon is Dr. Aaron and Holly Galbraith’s son who is graduating from Springville high school. In July Brandon is heading off to serve a mission in Madagascar! 🎓🎓🎓

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The goal of sedation dentistry is to alleviate the fear and anxiety many people feel about visiting the dentist, helping patients keep regular appointments and get the treatment they need, when they need it.

Tooth decay may be a bit different for each child.

•White spots begin to form on the teeth
•An early cavity is seen on the tooth has a light brown color.
•The cavity turns a darker shade of brown to black.

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Contrary to a somewhat popular belief, your tongue’s ability to taste sweet, savory, salty, sour, and bitter is not relegated to different sections—your whole tongue senses these equally.

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Family dentistry plays a vital role in sustaining people’s wellness. We love when families come to see us at Springville Dentistry so we can help ensure that your family’s mouth, teeth, and gums are protected.
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What do you think?
Has it become socially acceptable to be late for an appointment? Are you always early, late or perfectly punctual?


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Treat you mom as if she wears a crown… because she DOES today and everyday!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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