At Springville Dentistry, our cosmetic dentists are artists. They are qualified, educated, and they aim to transform almost anyone’s teeth to give them the smile they are hoping for. #whitesmile #cosmeticdentistry

Healthy, Open Communication
The relationship between dentist and patient is incredibly important, and healthy, open communication is key.
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Springville Dentistry receives five-star review from Elmira G.

Dr. Kyle Marshall is an excellent doctor! If you need to do any cosmetic or restorative work, he is the one. Also, he is very conservative and attentive dentist, who is eager to help his patients. I’ve been flying out of state just to see him, cause I don’t trust any other dentist. Strongly recommend Dr. Kyle Marshall.


Early childhood caries is an especially aggressive form of tooth decay that can destroy a child’s teeth over a relatively short amount of time. #prematuretoothloss #caries

Tooth decay in very young children is especially aggressive.
Because the layer of dental enamel on primary teeth is thinner than that on permanent teeth, cavities in baby teeth can become painful relatively quickly. #teeth #decay