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Oral hygiene: The best and worst soft drinks for your teeth

Looking for a dentist-friendly soda? Good luck. But Mug Root Beer is probably your best bet when it comes to indulging your sweet tooth and taking care of your enamel at the same time.

The Academy of General Dentistry found that teeth experienced the smallest amount of enamel loss when submerged for 48 hours in Mug Root Beer, as compared with sodas ranging from Coca-Cola to Mountain Dew.

Believe it or not, Mug’s numbers were pretty darn close to that of common tap water.

The academy found that Surge – Coca-Cola’s equivalent to Mountain Dew – had the most-damaging effect on enamel. Teeth bathed in that sugary stuff lost 7.85 percent of their weight during the two-day test period.

Close contenders were 7 Up, Coke and Squirt, which also ranked in the top five in the academy’s analysis of 20 commercial soft drinks.

If you happen to love one of those soft drinks, here’s a technique to help protect your teeth: Use a straw. That will reduce your enamel’s exposure to drinks that otherwise would make dentists cringe.

So here’s the comparison of soft drinks, which examines the pH of commercial soft drinks and the weight loss caused by enamel erosion. For those of you would like read the entire report, click here for the Academy of General Dentistry.