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Does Missing Teeth Impact Your Nutrition?

missing teeth nutritionWhen it comes to missing teeth, one of the biggest disadvantages is something you might not even think about.

Nutrition is one of the most major areas affected by missing teeth, and not replacing them can lead to poor digestion, missing nutrients and even obesity.

Have you thought about biting into an apple with a missing tooth or two? It’s almost impossible. Eating things like nuts, vegetables and lean meats is also hard without all your teeth. Eating healthy requires, well, chewing.

Here are some more areas where missing teeth impact your nutrition:

  • Heart health: What makes your heart healthy? Foods high in Omega-3’s, fiber and Vitamin E. Nuts are one of the biggest contributors to heart health because of their good fats, and as mentioned before, it’s impossible to eat them with missing teeth. It’s also hard to eat foods high in fiber, like dried fruits and bran (nuts are also a good source of fiber).
  • Strength: You probably already know protein is the best way to strengthen and protect your muscles. But have you thought about biting into a thick, juicy steak or piece of fried chicken with a missing tooth? Ouch! Foods high in protein also usually have good amounts of Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, Zinc and Iron, all contributors to good health.
  • Disease prevention: Vitamin A and C are vital to fighting off viruses, and some of the best sources of them are vegetables like carrots and leafy greens, which can cause discomfort to eat. Fruits also help with these, as well as calcium and potassium. And did you know Vitamin C also promotes healthy teeth and gums? Not getting enough of it can be twice as bad for your mouth.

So why replace missing teeth? Nutrition is just one of the reasons. It’s important to replace them via dental implants or another method to ensure your overall health isn’t affected. And if you don’t have missing teeth, it’s important to prevent them by regularly brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Remember to talk to Springville Dentistry about your teeth, bite and nutrition! Get the most nutrients out of every bite.