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Brush Your Teeth Daily

Brushing our teeth, flossing, and managing periodontal (gum) disease is thought to increasingly protect us from the development of illness, lengthen our lifespans, and reduce the burden of disease.

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Am I Getting Enough Fluoride?

Am I Getting Enough Fluoride?
If you stick to a healthy at-home dental routine using fluoride toothpaste, eat a nutritious diet, and drink fluoridated water, then you’re getting enough fluoride.#fluoride #healthyroutine

Get Rid of dry mouth!

With President 5000 – Dry Mouth is a prescription strength toothpaste that will help to remineralize your teeth while reinforcing your enamel and itch top quality fluoride

the best morning dental routine

•🦷🪥☀️ There is no perfect morning routine—only the one that’s perfect for you.
Make your morning routine intentional, consistent, and it will leave you feeling better than you did before. #morningroutine #consistency