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Dental Professionals believe NAIL-Biting can be a physical manifestation of ANXIETY, BOREDOM & STRESS.

Nail Biting Can Have Serious Consequences
For Example:

1. Increase Chances of Illness & Spreading of Bacteria: The Germs, bacteria, or viruses transferred from your nails to your mouth transmit to the rest of your body and can lead to infections.
2. Gum Disease: Nail biting can put you on the fast track to develop gingivitis, as rough nail edges can tear gum tissues, exposing gums to bacteria and increasing the risk of infection.
3. Tooth Damage: Nail biting can cause your teeth’s enamel to erode, leading to tooth-and-gum sensitivity.
4. Poor Dental OcclusionBiting your nails puts a significant amount of pressure on your jaw bone regularly. This can cause your teeth to shift out of proper alignment or worsen the positioning of already improperly aligned teeth.

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