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7/31/22 National Avocado Day: Avocados Are Great For Teeth


1.Avocados are Full of Folic Acid

•When your body has the right amount of folic acid, your gum tissue can fight back against inflammation and bleeding.

2. Avocados Have High Potassium Levels —Potassium is also known as Vitamin K

•Potassium plays an important role in keeping bones strong

•Potassium helps regulate body fluids and waste removal

•When your body has enough potassium, your risk of tooth decay is lessened because the integrity and structure of your teeth is strengthened.

3. Avocados Contain Natural Phytochemicals
—Phytochemicals are considered “antioxidants” (a good bacterial that helps to protect your gums and body tissue from infection.)

•Phytochemicals help to maintain the right balance in your mouth.

•Phytochemicals also ward off tooth decay and bad breath.

*Information taken from: https://www.deltadentalwa.com/blog/entry/2019/03/avocados-good-for-your-teeth

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