Month: July 2021

Chewing Ice Is Hard On Your Teeth!

Chewing Ice Is Hard On Your Teeth! Prevent tooth damage from chewing ice by:
——Letting the ice melt in your mouth.
——Enjoying slush instead of hard ice.
——Eating other crunchy snacks in place of ice.

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When you reduce the amount of high carbohydrate-containing foods you eat, you automatically cut out much of the fuel the bacteria in your mouth thrive on, and inadvertently lower your risk for tooth decay. #sugar #carbohydrates

A Happy Birthday is a BOX of Crumbl Cookies in each hand! 🍪 Happy Birthday Dr. Ream. Somebody loves you! 🍪 @Crumblcookies @mattream

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Pioneer Day is a holiday celebrated on July 24th, in Utah. It marks the entry of “Mormon” Pioneers into The Salt Lake Valley. It’s a Celebration of ALL pioneers, regardless of faith, who settled the western states. #pioneers