Month: April 2021

❤️🤩73% of women and 72% of men say they are attracted to someone that smiles often. 😄😄😄 So…. SMILE!

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Did you ever think a dentist would tell you to “wait” to brush your teeth? Wait an hour after eating or drinking anything to preserve your enamel. It is softer after eating.
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Wait an hour after eating or drinking anything before you brush your teeth. After eating your enamel is softer, and you could be brushing away tiny particles.

#waitanhour #brushyourteethtwiceaday

Happy Happy Birthday, Whitney! Whitney is an amazing assistant at Springville Dentistry. She is happy, helpful, always thinking of others, happy, and willing to work for others. Happy Birthday, Whitney! ❤️🎂🥳🎈 #whitneycarley


We are very proud of ZACH. He is our Cavity Free Kids Club Winner for March2021.
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Each year on April 22nd, National Earth Day we rejuvenate our commitment to take actions to protecting the Earth, its creatures and their habitats. Today’s the day! #NationalEarthDay #recycle

We want you to love your smile! We can help you update and enhance your smile! Give us a call for a free consultation with Dr. Church. He specializes in the Damon System – and he is awesome!

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