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Wisdom Teeth Recovery

So you’ve been thinking about getting your wisdom teeth removed and already know a bit about how wisdom teeth are removed. But what about recovery after wisdom teeth surgery?  If you don’t take the proper steps to promote healing, it could lengthen the recovery time and cause unwanted pain.

Springville Dentistry will give you some gauze after your wisdom teeth surgery, but once you step outside the dental office, it’s up to you to quicken your recovery. Here are some common issues that pop up during wisdom teeth recovery and a few tips on how to address them:


  • Gently bite the gauze your dentist has given you and change it periodically.
  • Keep your head up by propping or sitting and try to avoid lying flat.
  • Call your dentist if you’re still bleeding after 24 hours


  • Take prescribed painkillers/medication.
  • Try not to bite your cheek or lip while you’re numb.
  • Avoid touching surgery areas with your tongue.
  • Follow your dentist’s instructions.

Trouble eating

  • For the first week after surgery, try to eat foods that don’t require chewing.
  • Gradually add solid foods as you recover.
  • Avoid food contact in surgery areas.

Delayed healing

  • Keep an ice pack on the outside of your face during the first day.
  • Try not to do any strenuous activity like exercise, as it increases blood flow.
  • Don’t smoke or use a straw, as sucking can hinder blood clots.


  • Brush your teeth and tongue carefully.
  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water several times a day during recovery.

Some good advice to follow for wisdom teeth recovery is simple, but smart: if it hurts, don’t do it. Pain is our body’s way of telling us something is bad for us, so it’s wise to listen.

If you’d like additional advice or personalized recovery tips, be sure to schedule a visit with Springville Dentistry today.