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Cosmetic Dental Options to Restore Your Smile

cosmetic dental optionsEveryone wants a gorgeous smile. Springville Dentistry has a variety of cosmetic dental options to fit your unique smile. From family holiday photos to job interviews and meeting new people, a beautiful smile gives you confidence in a variety of everyday situations. But what everyone doesn’t want is the inconvenience of making multiple trips to the dentist.

If you’ve been putting off restoring one or more teeth because of the time factor, you’ll be happy to know there are actually plenty of ways to do it in one visit – and we’re not talking about fillings. From chipped to discolored and decayed teeth, you can address them faster than ever before thanks to the technology at our offices.

Here are the major ways you can restore your smile in just one visit at Springville Dentistry:

  • Crowns – Gone are the days where you are forced to walk around for days or even weeks with a temporary crown. Thanks to our computer technology, your tooth can be prepared and fitted with a natural-looking crown in just one visit.
  • Bonding – Like crowns, bonding is a more cosmetically appealing alternative to fillings. Perfect for fixing chipped teeth, they can be formed and matched to your natural teeth in no time.
  • Veneers – There are two types of veneers – porcelain and composite – and both can correct discolored, chipped or misshapen teeth. But composite veneers are special in that they can be colored and glued to the front of your teeth in just one visit.
  • Contouring – Unhappy with the shape of one or more teeth? Dental contouring can quickly fix it by reshaping the tooth to remove imperfections and make it smooth and polished.
  • Implants – A permanent solution, dental implants can also be done in one visit thanks to today’s efficient technology. You can even get a whole set of new teeth in one day with the All-on-4 dental implant system!
  • Whitening – Think it takes weeks and weeks to whiten your teeth? Think again. With bleaching systems and innovative light technology, a brighter, beautiful smile is just hours away.

Scroll through some of our before and after photos of cosmetic dental options.

Restoring your beautiful smile doesn’t have to be a hassle. Request a consultation online or call Springville Dentistry today at (801) 489-9456 and smile confidently again after just one day!