Tastebuds Only Have A Lifespan Of About 10-14 Days

Taste buds are all over your mouth—not just your tongue.
Tastebuds Only Have A Lifespan Of 10-14 Days (sometimes more frequently, given their vulnerable position in the mouth).
Luckily, they grow back ASAP!

Start Healthy Oral Habits Early

Want to Prevent Cavities In Your Family’s Teeth? Even the tiniest teeth can decay, so it’s best if positive oral health habits start early. Commit to making your house a “dental home.”

Dental Technology Improves Oral Health

Dental technology has helped make cleaning at home easier. WATER FLOSSING: Your toothbrush can’t get into those tiny spaces where plaque forms, making water flossing a great tool to prevent gum disease.


YOUR FOOD MATTERS: Crunchy, firm vegetables that contain lots of water are great natural teeth cleaners because they stimulate the flow of saliva, which helps to scrub away food particles and bacteria.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dr. Swenson! 🎈

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dr.Swenson!! 🎈
Dr. Swenson, is an excellent and hard-working dentist here at Springville Dentistry. We enjoy working with Dr. Swenson as a professional, and we also love his contagious laugh!

Did You Know?

Did You Know…
Butterflies taste with their feet!

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Go To The Dentist – Be Proactive

While there are many benefits to being proactive and visiting the dentist regularly, saving money is one of the best incentives! Be proactive?!