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Month: June 2022

Your teeth need consistent TLC!

Your teeth need consistent TLC! Come see our highly-qualified, expert dentists to keep your mouth and smile in tip-top condition.

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Summers make us smile!

Summers make us smile! We hope you are smiling too. If you need a little work don’t so you can smile more freely, we are sure we can help you! Contact Springville Dentistry today!

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If you smile more, you feel more confident.

Whiten your teeth at Springville Dentistry in about an hour – and make smiling something you do without hesitation.
If you’re confident, you smile more.
If you smile more, you feel more confident.
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June 23, 2022 – 💧Hydrate For Your Teeth💧

Drinking water immediately after our meals will neutralize acids that may already be attacking the enamel, disrupts food particles, and washes them away; thus reducing the build-up of food on your teeth.

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How Healthy is Your Smile?

Oral infections to higher risks of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke, heart attack and even adverse pregnancy outcomes.

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Come Visit Us At Springville Dentistry

Make an appointment for your family! Call Springville Dentistry at 801-489-9456 or visit www.springvilledentistry.com

We are here for you and your family.

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