Great oral health helps you to:

Great oral health helps you to:
• Eat and chew healthy nourishing foods
• Defend your body against infection and illness
• Get a good night’s sleep
• Enjoy a feeling of well-being
• Have the confidence to smile
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Why Is Tooth Grinding Harmful?

Why Is Tooth Grinding Harmful?
Jaw pain or dull headaches are common, unpleasant signs of bruxism. Left untreated, grinding your teeth can also have

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What is Bruxism?

The clenching of your jaw and grinding of your teeth (bruxism) is commonly a result of stress and can lead to dental attrition, wear away the enamel, and cause jaw pain, headaches, and tooth loss. 

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Symptoms that may indicate worn tooth enamel:

If you feel like your enamel is too sensitive, has some discoloration, is chipped or cracked, or needs to be looked at by a dentist, call Springville Dentistry for an exam and consultation. 801-489-9456

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