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Month: January 2022

The ADA recommends teenagers have two cleanings each year. Teens with a high risk of cavities may need more frequent visits. Set up your teen’s next cleaning at Springville Dentistry: 801.489.9456
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First things first: Get yourself into the dentist’s chair so you’re not scrambling right before the wedding, it’s important to get the process started early.
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Dana has said, “I am so glad that I work with the best doctors in Utah!” And we feel so blessed to work with Dana! We are lucky to have you at Springville Dentistry!!! ❤️💯⭐️🥳
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We hope your day is wonderful! We are lucky to have you at Springville Dentistry!!!
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Candy is a fun treat that can add a lot of sweet colorful fun to any day. Just remember to rinse with water after you eat it… And always brush twice a day. Be proactive.
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At a dental cleaning, the hygienist takes a scan of the mouth, removes plaque and tartar, polishes the enamel, and can also apply fluoride treatment. Call Springville Dentistry to set up appointments for your family: 801.489.9456

Chewing sugar-free gum (sweetened with xylitol) after a meal will help produce saliva, which fights cavities, neutralizes plaque, strengthens enamel, and cleans food debris from teeth.

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“ I love those random memories that make me smile.
Think About It:
What are some memories that bring a smile to your face? Who are you with? Why is it special? What reminds you of this particular memory?
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During a routine examination, a dentist can potentially detect early warning signs of more than 120 diseases. Having dental benefits can help adults get routine preventive care.

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