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Month: May 2021

Springville Dentistry receives five-star review from J N.

Dr. Swenson has been amazing with my implant surgery and through the entire process. His bedside manner is great! I appreciate that he and his staff took time to listen to my concerns and questions, and didn’t make me feel ignorant, and worked to make sure I was satisfied about every detail. It has been a pleasure being treated at Springville Dentistry.

You don’t have to be EVERYTHING to EVERYONE… unless you’re a tooth! Teeth are important!

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🪥✨🦷✨ CLEAN Teeth are HAPPY Teeth! ✨😄🦷✨

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Do you hate flossing? Try a water flosser. A water flosser can be especially helpful for getting into hard-to-reach areas of the mouth and periodontal pockets that may be caused by early gum disease. #waterfloss #waterpik

3 types of people you should have on your “favorites” list in your Contacts App: 1. Who Can Save Your Life 2. Who Loves and Supports You 3. Who can fix your teeth (AKA Springville Dentistry) #contactsapp #favoritepeople

Babies start to develop their primary teeth 6 weeks after they are conceived, while in their mother’s womb.

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