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10 Reasons Why to Remove Wisdom Teeth

10947227_855969671128587_3034678432630822954_nWhen wisdom teeth cause problems, or X-rays show they might down the line, they need to come out. Other good reasons to take them out include:
1. Damage to other teeth: That extra set of molars can push your other teeth around, causing mouth pain and bite problems.
2. Jaw damage: Cysts can form around the new teeth. If they aren’t treated, they can hollow out your jaw and damage nerves.
3. Sinus Issues: Problems with wisdom teeth can lead to sinus pain, pressure, and congestion.
4. Inflamed Gums: Tissue around the area can swell and may be hard to clean.
5. Cavities: Swollen gums can create pockets between teeth that help bacteria grow and cavities form.
6. Alignment: Impacted wisdom teeth can undo the effects of braces, bridges, crowns, partial dentures, or any type of dental work.
7. Infection: if the tissue around the wisdom teeth is inflamed you can get infection that can be painful
8. Hygiene: Easier to clean and maintain
9. Impaction: Impacted wisdom teeth can cause bone loss and tissue damage
10. Space: To create space to move teeth orthodontically.

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