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❤️February is Heart Awareness Month❤️
Because gum disease is in correlation with heart disease, we thought we would share a few facts from the American Heart Association.
•People with periodontal (gum) disease are twice as likely to develop heart disease.
•In 2010 heart disease cost the United States $444 billion dollars. This includes medical care, medications, and loss of productivity.
• The risk for heart disease doubles for those who are sedentary versus those individuals who are active. Aerobic activity like jump rope, cycling, running, and swimming are good exercises to do in order to reduce the risk of heart disease.
•There are lifestyle habits recommended for us to maintain our overall health: good oral hygiene, manage blood pressure, lower weight, maintain blood sugar, control cholesterol, get active, stop smoking, and eat better.

#gumdisease #oralandhearthealth

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